Dubé Latreille enters the Digital Age with new services to support businesses

Dubé Latreille enters the Digital Age with new services to support businesses

Computers and the Internet have completely transformed the way we live and the way we do business. Indeed, the Digital Age has propelled the evolution of information technologies to create a world where the interconnectivity and interoperability of information systems, platforms and online services are constantly improving.

These advances, however, raise complex legal issues that involve, in particular, data security, the protection of personal information, the notion of consent (in the collection, use, disclosure and protection of personal information), the issue of privacy, the responsibility of organizations and third parties in matters of cybersecurity, etc., which are all closely linked to the emergence of the global phenomenon of cybercrime.

In order to make companies more accountable in this regard, governments are considering or adopting more restrictive bills to ensure better protection of personal information. This is how the province of Quebec, with the adoption of Bill 64 in September 2021, adopted the most severe legislative tool in Canada.

However, given the complex and technical nature of data protection, cybersecurity and the Internet, how do you get around it? To make this happen, organizations and companies need to be guided to make the right choices.

It is in this context that DUBÉ LATREILLE is proud to announce that it is adding to its service offering two new fields of practice to meet the needs of companies that depend on digital technology to ensure their growth, namely Privacy Law and Cybersecurity Law.

From now on, companies will be able to count on a range of practical services that will enable them to fully understand the issues that concern them in these matters and to develop strategies adapted to their needs so as to minimize the operational, reputational, liability and non-compliance risks to which they could be exposed.

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