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History of Firm

DUBÉ LATREILLE came into existence in 1999 following the fortuitous encounter of its two founding members, Me Serge Dubé and Me Jean-François Latreille. At the time, Me Dubé's multidisciplinary law practice in civil litigation was in full expansion wherefore he was seeking the addition of another lawyer to support and assist him in his professional endeavours.

On the other hand, Me Latreille, who had just been admitted to the Bar, brought with him valuable experience in the field of administration and management acquired while working for the Federal government and during his internship at Desjardins Ducharme Stein Monast, at the time one of the foremost commercial and government agency law firms in Montreal.

This teaming up between Me Dubé and Me Latreille, in January 2000, under the professional trade name of Serge Dubé & avocats has survived the test of time and its many trials to become a respected and reliable law firm within the legal community.

Three years later (in 2003), the firm expanded and changed its name to DUBÉ LATREILLE. Its fields of practice were then centered on civil litigation, family law and commercial law.

In 2007, DUBÉ LATREILLE added corporate law to its legal services in order to respond to a growing demand from its business clients. 

Me Maria Karteris joined DUBÉ LATREILLE’s team in 2011. She brought with her considerable organizational and litigation skills, as well as valuable experience resulting from her prior work involvement with various government institutions.

In 2017, in order to enhance its professional image, to improve its administrative efficiency, its competitiveness and its services, the firm went thought a major reorganization by evolving into a corporation under its current name: DUBÉ LATREILLE AVOCATS INC. In 2018, the firm launches a new web site and adopts a new professional image.

For nearly 20 years, DUBÉ LATREILLE has remained firmly rooted in the business section of downtown Montreal striving to offer to its clients stability, reliability and accessibility.


In the course of their practice, the lawyers at DUBÉ LATREILLE have chosen to adhere to a basic set of core values that persistently guide them in the exercise of their profession and in their day to day relationship with their clients. 

Loyalty. While acting for their clients, the lawyers at DUBÉ LATREILLE perform their services in strict observance of their clients’ instructions and make a point of respecting at all times confidentiality with respect to sensitive information as well as protecting their clients’ image and reputation.

Integrity. To earn and maintain the trust of their clients, and in order to preserve their credibility in court as well as amongst the various players of the judicial system, the lawyers at DUBÉ LATREILLE have chosen to uphold the highest standards of work ethics in the profession. 

Excellence. To rank with the best, the search for excellence is indispensable. At DUBÉ LATREILLE, this goal is a priority. It is an inherent part of the firm’s culture which guides all of its professional interventions. To that end, the enrichment of the firm’s legal knowledge and organizational skills is a constant preoccupation. DUBÉ LATREILLE aims to improve its performance at every level, be it in day to day management, work environment optimization, team work and knowledge acquisition.


DUBÉ LATREILLE’s clients are mostly middle class people and professionals who have suffered a serious prejudice (material, physical, psychological, damage to reputation, etc.) and who seek justice and compensation through the means of competent, empathetic, and pugnacious lawyers to defend their rights and protect their interests.

DUBÉ LATREILLE is also devoted to the representation of small and mid-size business owners who are seeking the services of a apragmatic, reliable and versatile law firm to help them protect their rights and interests, both for their corporate and litigation needs.

Moreover, considering the reputation of stability, reliability and great discretion  for which DUBÉ LATREILLE is known in the legal community, it has, over the years, become a center of attraction for referral of clients from larger firms when conflicts of interests occur, as noted in an article published in Le Monde juridique.... (see link :  article from Le Monde Juridique)


DUBÉ LATREILLE has but one fundamental mission: to provide its clients with the best accessible and reliable lawyers whose talents and abilities are focused on fulfilling their clients’ needs expediently in a simple and no fuss manner.

No matter the circumstances, we are there to assist you.

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