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Un cabinet boutique à votre mesure
pour répondre à vos besoins en:
Une équipe dynamique, intègre et responsable 
dans la cadre d'un cabinet convivial et attentionné.

The Team

DUBÉ LATREILLE is, first and foremost, a dedicated team that stands out for its dynamism, its versatility and its determination. This enables our law firm to react promptly and efficiently, according to the circumstances, to meet the needs and emergencies of our clients.  

The strength of our team, of course, resides in the combined wealth of qualities, experience and energy of our members. This is why each of them, both the lawyers and the administrative staff, play an important, unique and determining role in our law firm’s performance and in the professional experience delivered to our clients.

The members of this outstanding team are as follows :

DUBÉ LATREILLE is a practical and considerate law firm that offers its clients the security and peace of mind of a reliable team.

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