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Policy on Cookies

The present Policy on Cookies is to inform you of how cookies are used on our website (, hereinafter "the Website") as well as to assist you in giving informed consent as to the use of said cookies when you visit our Website.

What is a cookie?

Cookies, in their simplest form, are small files (or data groups) created by your web browser and saved on your computer. When you visit a website, a computer normally asks your computer for permission to save a cookie and access its content.

Cookies can be useful because they allow a website to recognize a user's device. Cookies can also allow you to navigate between pages efficiently, remember preferences and generally improve the user experience. They can also be used to target advertising to you based on your interests by tracking your website browsing.

Session cookies (temporary cookies) are automatically deleted when you close your browser. Persistent cookies (permanent cookies) remain on your device after you close your browser.

Consent to our use of cookies

During your first visit to our Website, you will be invitated to either accept or refuse the use of cookies. Although this invitation will not normally appear during your subsequent visits, you can block or delete cookies or withdraw your consent at any time as described below.

We may store and access essential cookies on your computer or other device. Essential cookies are cookies necessary for the operation of our Website. Please note, however, that, by law, we do not need your consent to use essential cookies as they are only used to ensure the functionality of our Website.

We may store and access certain non-essential cookies on your computer or other devicein accordance with the present Policy on Cookies. These non-essential cookies are not necessary for the operation of our Website, but they allow us to offer you additional functions or to collect more information about your use of our Website.

What do we do with our cookies?

Session Cookies

As previously mentioned, we use session cookies to precisely identify your browsing session on our website. Session cookies are temporary. They only last for one session. Once you close the browser window or leave our Website, these cookies disappear. Unlike other types of cookies, session cookies are never stored on your computer.

Analytics Cookies

We use analytics cookies which, together with other information, allow us to calculate the total number of users on our Website and to determine which of our Website’s functions are used the most.

We then use this information to improve our Website to understand what content appeals most to users and to tailor our web content accordingly. We do not save the data that analytics cookies allow us to collect.

Which cookies do we use on our website? Please refer to the table below:

Third-party websites

Users of our Website may navigate to various external websites by clicking on external links on our Website. They then leave our Website to reach these other sites, which may use various cookies throughout the visit. Please note that the present Policy on Cookies of Dubé Latreille Avocats Inc. does not bind these third-party websites; you should therefore be aware of their policy on cookies on these third-party websites, if there is one.

Modification of the present Policy on Cookies

Dubé Latreille Avocats inc. may change the cookies we use on our website and update the present Policy on Cookies accordingly. By periodically consulting this Policy on Cookies, you will always know which cookies are set up on our Website, for what purposes, and how to deactivate them if you so choose.

We therefore encourage you to review this policy regularly.

Last update : September 23, 2022

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