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Your legal matters, it’s our business

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Dubé Latreille Law Firm

After 20 years of providing top quality legal services, DUBÉ LATREILLE has become a well grounded firm in the heart of Montreal’s business community.

In order to keep pace with the best in the legal profession, our team at DUBÉ LATREILLE pays close attention to the most recent developments in the practice of law as well as the unfolding of modern technology for the sole purpose of offering to our clients the most practical and reliable of legal services.

In addition, our lawyers stand out for their seriousness, sense of justice and ethics. Our no nonsense approach focused on finding practical solutions to seemingly very complex and antagonizing legal situations aim at developing lasting relationships with our clients, relationships based on trust and mutual respect.



Chroniques en vedette

DUBÉ LATREILLE is a practical and considerate law firm. We offer our clients the security and peace of mind of a reliable team.

Les Petites Créances

Simple comme 1, 2, 3!



Une première rencontre de 45 minutes avec un avocat : 

  • Évaluer les chances de succès
  • Établir une stratégie

du dossier

  • Rédaction de la procédure (demande ou défense)
  • Mise en ordre des documents
  • Confection de la liste des témoins
  • Rôle des experts

Plan d'action

  • Questions essentielles à poser aux témoins
  • Témoignage des experts
  • Arguments à présenter au juge
* Taxes et frais en sus. Réclamations jusqu’à 15 000$.

Pour plus d'informations ou pour prendre rendez-vous:


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