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Non-compete agreements

To be able to keep their competitive edge and to maintain their share of the market, businesses must constantly invest and innovate. Research and development are thus key elements that necessitate substantial investments. To protect their interests and their investments from competition, various contractual tools an agreements (confidentiality agreement, non-competition agreements, etc.) have been designed for businesses to prevent unauthorized use of confidential and strategic information by employees, sub-contractors, etc. These contractual tools often come with severe penal clauses to ensure their deterring effect. Yet, on occasion, individuals or corporations may elect to violate these agreements to imperil the interests of one’s business.

DUBÉ LATREILLE has both the capacity to provide or review such transactional tools and to respond swiftly to any violation thereof with appropriate legal means. For the more serious cases of illegal use of protected information, our law firm may resort to extraordinary recourses such as Anton Pillar, Mareva and Nortwich injonctions.

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