Family Law

Separations and divorces

The end of a union for a couple, whether it was formalized through a marriage or not, generally represents trying times for both parties, in particular if it was unexpected. The level of tension and emotion can reach a critical level when children, adultery, physical and/or psychological violence are involved. Depending upon the matrimonial regime applicable, various important questions will need to be addressed such as child custody, child support, alimony, the issue of debts, etc. Sometimes, parental alienation (where a parent wilfully attempts to draw away a child from the other) is part of the mix.

At DUBÉ LATREILLE, our lawyers are there to help our clients make the right choices during these moments of great vulnerability. Our efforts strive to avoid, whenever possible, the escalation of the conflict and litigation in favour of alternative means of conflict resolution. However, we will not hesitate to defend the rights and interests of our clients before the courts whenever it is necessary.

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