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Frequently asked questions


What are DUBÉ LATREILLE’s fields of practice? 

The lawyers of DUBÉ LATREILLE practice law in various areas of civil litigation, business law and family law.

What territory does DUBÉ LATREILLE cover with its legal services?

Our lawyers can assist you with their legal services anywhere in the Province of Quebec.

Who are DUBÉ LATREILLE’s clients?

Our clients are mostly business people, SMEs, individuals and professionals.


DUBÉ LATREILLE offers competent, reliable and accessible law services. Our lawyers are well equipped to provide what is expected of them : good counselling and representation. In addition, our lawyers are committed to represent our clients with loyalty and integrity in the execution of the mandates we are entrusted with. As client of our law firm, you will have prompt and direct access to the lawyer who will be in charge of your file.

If you live outside Québec, can you be represented by DUBÉ

We can represent you if Quebec courts have jurisdiction to hear your case or if you have legal rights or interests to be defended in Quebec.

Litigation files

How can you determine whether you have a case? 

Normally, during the first interview, we can provide you with a preliminary opinion on your rights, your recourses, and on whether your case, prima facie, stands a fair chance in court.

How can you determine the potential value of a claim?

During the first interview, we can provide you with a preliminary estimate based on the summary analysis or your file and the documents you will have provided. Subsequently, a more detailed analysis will determine with greater precision what could be reasonably claimed in a lawsuit.

What are the various steps to be anticipated in a litigation file?

Whether you are the Plaintiff or the Defendant, you will be called upon to work closely with our lawyers who will take the time to explain to you the whole process, how it works, and what to expect. At every step of this process, we will ensure you are kept informed in a timely manner on the evolution of your file and will require your authorization before any critical decision is to be made.

How can you follow the evolution of your file?

At DUBÉ LATREILLE, our lawyers will keep you regularly informed of the evolution of your file and of the various steps to go through until a settlement or a final judgment is obtained.

What are the Alternative Means of Conflit Resolution (AMCR) available?

The Alternative Means of Conflict Resolution that are frequently used are mediation, arbitration, and settlement conferences. Each of them has its pros and cons.

DUBÉ LATREILLE is committed to discuss these options with our clients from the start and to make good use of them, whenever possible, if they prove to be compatible with the circumstances and our clients’ interests.

Can you recover your lawyers’ fees in case of success?

In Quebec, the losing party is not required to reimburse the lawyers’ fees incurred by the winning party, save and except in certain specific circumstances.


What is DUBÉ LATREILLE's billing practice ?

Our team is well aware that the costs of legal services (in particular lawyers’ fees) can be substantial even though every effort is made to keep the costs down. This is why our law firm has 3 billing options that will vary in accordance with the circumstances and the nature of the file. These billing options are the following :

  1. hourly fee;
  2. a reduced hourly fee with a percentage;
  3. a flat fee;

At DUBÉ LATREILLE, this important issue is always discussed with our clients at the very beginning of a file and formalized into a written agreement.

What are the various costs to anticipate in a file?

While the modalities of our agreements on legal costs and fees may vary, we normally bill all costs inherent to or associated with the execution of a mandate (bailiffs, expertises, court costs, stenographers, printing costs, transport costs, etc.), the whole in addition to lawyers’ fees, applicable taxes, and court costs (as the case may be). In certain cases, however, some of these costs may be recovered from the other party if granted by the court.

What payment options available at DUBÉ LATREILLE?

All regular means of payment are accepted by the firm (bank transfers, debit cards, cash and cheques).

Legal Aid

Does DUBÉ LATREILLE accept Legal Aid mandates?

Yes. However, DUBÉ LATREILLE only accepts civil and medical liability cases that satisfy certain criteria. If eligible to Legal Aid, you must first obtain a « Referral mandate » (mandat de consultation) through your Legal Aid Center designating specifically DUBÉ LATREILLE.

What is the procedure to obtain a Legal Aid mandate? 

In all cases, you must obtain a « consultation mandate » (mandat de consultation) from the Legal Aid Center nearest to your residence to get to see one of DUBÉ LATREILLE’s lawyers. If your case is serious and meets the firm’s criteria, you will be required to obtain from your Legal Aid Center an « article 69 mandate» which will enable the firm to represent you.

What costs will be covered under a Legal Aid mandate?

Under a Legal Aid mandate (article 69), some of the costs and fees (photocopies of medical files, medical expertises, etc.) are reimbursed by Legal Aid under certain specific conditions. One of these conditions is to have Legal Aid pre-authorize said costs and fees. If, subsequently, you lose your case in court, you will then become eligible for the reimbursement of said pre approved costs provided you remain admissible under Legal Aid.

You have not found the answer to your question? Contact us! We will be most happy to provide you with the information you need.

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