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Community involvement

To make a difference in society and to contribute positively to its improvement, it is necessary to get involved. At DUBÉ LATREILLE, community involvement is one of the key elements that binds our team together. It is the expression of the leadership role our firms wants to play in setting an example for others to follow. To accomplish this, we have chosen to concentrate our efforts on a specific organisation that shares similar values, that is the reputed Quebec Lung Association (Association Pulmonaire du Québec).

Created in 1938, the Quebec Lung Association (QLA) is defined as a Non-Profit Organisation that intervenes in the field of respiratory health. Since its début, the QLA has fought with great distinction various respiratory diseases. The QLA has played a key role in the eradication of tuberculosis. With time, it has quicky become the leading organisation in Quebec in matters pertaining to respiratory health. Its numerous achievements include, among others, public awareness, screening and prevention services, research funding, the creation of support groups to help patients grappling with a disease fight isolation, the creation of summer camps for the youth, and the creation of a service directory designed for people coping with respiratory diseases. Considering respiratory diseases represent today the 2nd cause of death in the country, the need to support the QLA is unequivocal.

For DUBÉ LATREILLE, the Quebec Lung Association is the perfect example of an institution that actively contributes to the betterment and progress of Quebec’s modern society. This is why all members of our team are very proud to support the QLA and contribute to its success.

For DUBÉ LATREILLE, social involvement is the key to public awareness and the betterment of the world we live in.

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